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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

MOOC bonanza for online learning practitioners

I noticed the impressive array of MOOCs on the subject of online learning and education more broadly. Ten underway or about to start. Looking at this list (pasted below) I'm impressed that

Nearly all the platforms are offering something in this space
There's a broad range of audiences targeted, from practitioners to strategists
It's not hard to find MOOCs on these topics, using mooc-list.com but about half of these were not listed on that site, i had to look on the platform sites
Paid MOOCs at price points like $49 are now quite common

E-learning and Digital Cultures (Coursera)
Edinburgh (a repeat of the April MOOC – very popular)
Start Date: Nov 4th 2013
This course will explore how digital cultures and learning cultures connect, and what this means for the ways in which we conduct education online. The course is not about how to ‘do’ e-learning; rather, it is an invitation to view online educational practices through a particular lens – that of popular and digital culture.

Teaching Online: Reflections on Practice (Canvas.net)
Kirkwood Community College
Start Date: Oct 21th 2013
This course invites your critical reflection on the methods of online instruction; beliefs and potential bias of the online learner; policies and rules and how they align with course objectives; tone and the purpose of communication.

Emerging Trends & Technologies in the Virtual K-12 Classroom (Coursera)
Irvine, California
Start Date: Nov 11th 2013
Learn about emerging trends and technologies in K-12 virtual instruction. Join us as we explore this dynamic landscape and investigate how we can more deeply engage students in the virtual classroom through the use of innovative practices and technologies.

Teaching with Moodle: An Introduction (Moodle)
Start Date: Sep 1st 2013
Moodle’s first official MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) aims to gather teachers and anyone interested in using a learning platform to enhance teaching and learning. Teaching with Moodle: An Introduction is a free course designed to provide a good foundation and context to Moodle. The course covers the basics of the open source (and free!) learning platform, including how to set up and effectively use Moodle in teaching.

Web science: how the web is changing the world
Southampton University (UK)
Explore how the web has changed our world in the past 25 years and what might happen next.

Big Data in Education
24 October 2013
Columbia University
Education is increasingly occurring online or in educational software, resulting in an explosion of data that can be used to improve educational effectiveness and support basic research on learning. In this course, you will learn how and when to use key methods for educational data mining and learning analytics on this data.

Student Thinking at the Core
27 January 2014
This course explores how teachers can capitalize on what students bring to the classroom - their ideas, perceptions, and misunderstandings - to advance the learning of all students in the class, a practice we call “leveraging student thinking”.

Globalizing Higher Education and Research for the ‘Knowledge Economy’
Kris Olds and Susan L. Robertson
24 March 2014
Bristol University
This course is designed to examine an array of issues related to the globalization of higher education and research. The main objective of the course is to enable students to better understand how and why universities are engaged in the globalization process, as well as what the key implications of this development process are.

Digital Literacies 1
San Diego State University
4 November 2014
What’s in your digital teaching toolbox? Do you have the tools you need to reach 21st century learners? This course will introduce you to digital technologies and show you how to integrate them into your classroom/webspace. Learn how to combine pedagogy and technology to create a more effective educational experience for students—and get continuing education unit (CEU) credits while you're at it.
Digital Literacies 1 is part one of a two-part series.

Hybrid Courses – Best of Both Worlds
Oct 21
Renton Technical College
Are you an educator? Double your impact by taking advantage of both the classroom and online environments. Explore methods to effectively combine the two formats and build a class community that engages students and supports active learning in any subject area. For educators both new and experienced.
To receive a certificate of completion from the instructor the students must complete one of two options for the final project.

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